A Technopreneur,Lecturer,Speaker,Councillor & Philanthropy

The Outstanding Young Malaysia Award 2013 马来西亚 2013 十大杰青

I have won many awards in life but TOYM is one of the toughest award that an individual can get in Malaysia. For the awards is given to only the most outstanding young malaysian worthy of it. I have won many corporate and personnel awards in Malaysia and internationally but … Continue reading


I don’t know about other people but all my life I feel that I was always trying to make my parents proud. This moment that i cannot remember my whole lifetime came on 2009 1st of August. I was nominated as top 10 most creative young entrepreneur of Malaysia 2009 … Continue reading

The best way to predict your future is to create it!


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From young Jeffrey have been educated in duo language which is Chinese and English. There are a lot of Chinese virtue that is inherited by him from his parents, teachers and mentors. One of the main one is to contribute back to the society. 林道宏先生从小就接受双语教育,由于在马来西亚独立中学学习。他受到许多的文化熏陶。最让他记忆犹新的是他中学的两句话‘爱我宽柔,造福人群’。这也成了他人生的目标。