Jeffrey Lim Tau Hoong Profile:


 (Jeffrey) Lim Tau Hoong (born February 5, 1981 in Terengganu) is a Malaysian engineer, lecturer, investorentrepreneur, Councillor and philanthropist. He is the CEO and founder of Now Asia, which involve in property, medical technology & Investment. One -time winner of the JCI – Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2009 and three time awardee of TOYM as Top 10 Most Outstanding Young Malaysia Award 2016. He was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Geneva in 2015.

  • CEO of NOW Asia
  • 2016 Awardee as Top 10 Most Outstanding Young Malaysian Award
  • Honored as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum, Geneva 2015 (
  • Deputy Chairman of China Asean Chamber of Commerce
  • Deputy Chairman of Malaysia Investment Association
  • 2013 Awardee as Top 30 Most Outstanding Young Malaysian Award
  • 2011 Awardee for Top 30 Most Most Outstanding Young Malaysian Award
  • 2009 Awardee for Top 10 Most Creative Young Entrepreneur of Malaysia Award
  • Secretary General of Persatuan Bekas Ahli Majlis MPSP
  • Chairman of Foon Yew Association
  • Councillor for Municipal Council of Province Wellesley (2010 – 2013) (
  • Inclusion in International WHO’S WHO Historical Society and listed in the International WHO’S WHO of Professionals since 2011 till now
  • Penang K-Economy Council Committee since 2007
  • Penang K-ICT Council Member since 2008
  • Council committee for Mosti Monitoring on ‘Global Economic Impact on ICT Industry’ since 2009
  • Penang Science Council Member since 2010
  • Chairman for Penang Environment and Health Association (Persatuan Pencinta Alam Dan Kesihatan, PPAK) since 2012
  • Chairman for Penang Green Industry Practices Workgroup since 2010
  • IT & Telecommunication Engineer from University of Adelaide
  • Australia IEEE Certified Chartered Engineer
  • 2004 Entrepreneur Australia Competition Title semi-finalist Awardee
  • World Entrepreneur Competition 2005 Participant
  • Ex-chairman for Software Consortium of Penang (SCoPe)
  • Industrial Advisor for USM(University Science Malaysia) since 2012
  • Member of Industrial Advisory Panel & Final Project Competition Judge for USM Computer Science School since 2007
  • Industry Advisor for Inti, Segi, KDU, TARC College, disted College and many more since 2006


(杰斐礼)林道宏先生(生于1981年2月5日,登嘉楼)是来自马来西亚的企业家,投资家,大学与学院讲师,市议员和慈善家。他是NOW现代集团的首席执行长和创始人,现代集团的生意涵盖地产, 科技以及风险投资。林道宏先生在2009年获得JCI颁授马来西亚10大创意青年企业家奖,于2015年由’世界经济论坛’代表马来西亚于日内瓦获颁授‘全球青年领袖’荣誉,于2016年获得JCI颁授马来西亚十大杰青。

  • NOW亚洲首席执行长(
  • 2016年获选马拉西亚10大杰出青年
  • 代表马来西亚于日内瓦 ‘世界经济论坛’ 获选为2015年‘世界青年领袖’
  • 从2012开始由‘国际知名人士协会’推荐为‘国际知名专业人士’
  • 马拉西亚入围2013年10大杰出青年
  • 马拉西亚入围2011年10大杰出青年(科学与科技发展组)
  • 马来西亚2009年十大杰青(创意企业组)
  • 马来西亚投资协会副主席
  • 中国东盟商会副会长
  • 宽柔北马校友会会长
  • 槟城威省市议员(2010-2013)
  • 前威省市议员协会秘书长
  • 槟州政府知识经济理事会执委
  • 槟州政府科学理事会委员
  • 马来西亚科学,工艺与革新部‘世界经济对科技领域影响’委员
  • 槟城环保,绿化与健康联盟主席
  • 阿德雷德大学资讯科技与通讯工程学士
  • 澳洲电机及电子工程师学会特许认证工程师
  • 澳洲2004年创业家入围奖
  • 2005年入围世界创业竞赛
  • 槟州软件联盟主席(2007-2010)
  • 槟城英迪大学通讯与电子工程系客座讲师与工程学院顾问,马来西亚理科大学客座讲师与理科大学顾问,马来西亚理科大学电脑科学学士与硕士毕业课业竞赛总评审。槟城各大学院与大学顾问。

Mr. Jeffrey Lim Tau Hoong

CEO of Now Group of Companies


(Jeffrey) Lim Tau Hoong (born February 5, 1981 in Terengganu) is a Malaysian investorentrepreneur, Lecturer, Councillor andphilanthropist. He is the CEO and founder of The Now Group, which involve in property, ICT & Investment. One -time winner of the JCI – Creative Young Entrepreneur Award and two time awardee of TOYM as Top 30 Most Outstanding Young Malaysia Award. He was honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Geneva in 2015.

Jeffrey attended Foon Yew Highschool, Johor Bahru. He obtained a degree in IT and Telecommunication from University of Adelaide. He was awarded semifinalist for ‘Entrepreneur Australia 2004’ and was invited to Silicon Valley to participate in ‘World Entrepreneur 2005’ during his studies in Australia.

Startup History

Upon his return from Australia, he started Intellectual Avenue Sdn Bhd, a company which focuses on mobile content and application. Iavenue was one of the pioneer companies to be awarded ‘MSC Status’ ( in northern region of Malaysia. He has also won the top 10 most creative young entrepreneur of Malaysia in JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award by JCI in partnership with Flanders District of Creativity (FDC) 2009。He has also awarded for the top 30 most outstanding young Malaysia award (TOYM) for year 2011 by JCI.

Jeffrey set up Emanate Technology Sdn Bhd a company which focuses on Healthcare and Medical solution in 2008. After 1 year of R&D, EClaim was created to merge Healthcare and Medical Solution into all industry. Currently Jeffrey acts as the CEO of Emanate Technology Sdn Bhd, he is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. He also oversees R&D new product and services for Emanate as well as overall responsibility for marketing development. Emanate Technology was awarded Bizspark Program under Microsoft in January 2010. The spinoff of EClaim is through the initial R&D of prototype funding came from CRADLE ( ,which is a fund agency under Ministry of Finance Malaysia. At around 2010, EClaim patent and technology was bought over by a public listed company mobif berhad. Emanate was renamed as adNow ( which diverted its core focus to developing digital advertising technology and solutions. At year 2012, Jeffrey consolidated his business entity in property, technology, investment and advertising under The NOW group of companies and The NOW brand (


At around December 2010, Jeffrey was elected as Councillor for Municipal Council of Wellesley. As one of the 1st few NGO elected councillor, he has assisted Penang, Malaysia to kickoff community recycling through technology. He was the chairman for green industry workgroup that had NGOs, higher education institution and government agencies working together for making the green industry policy.


Jeffrey has a passion for technology and hope to make technology accessible to disabled community including the visual impaired group. He is the founding member and advisor in starting the Web Accesibility Forum with St Nicholas Home Centre for the blind Penang and USM which aimed at making all website in Asean accessible by the disable community. He puts effort in green activities such as initiating Malaysia 1st national solar car and application competition for highschools, and pushing more green practices and policy to be adopted by government and industry as well as greening the community through tree planting and other green activities.

Government, Community & NGO

Today, Jeffrey shares his knowledge and experience in the ICT field through seminars, talks, lectures in universities and colleges. He is the ex-chairman of Software Consortium of Penang which is a state cluster under Penang and is actively involved in MOSTI, MOHE and Penang State K-Economy Council. Jeffrey also serves as deputy managing director for ‘Enterprise Lab’ which is a incubator centre joint venture with Penang State Government. He has also been invited to join Penang Science Council in year 2010. He was previously committee to some of the local entrepreneur and business association such as PUMM and PCCC.


Jeffrey Lim is one of the newest professionals from Malaysia selected for inclusion in International WHO’S WHO Historical Society and listed from 2012 edition and onwards to 2018 of International WHO’S WHO of Professionals.

 Jeffrey Lim was one of the only person in southeast asia to be nominated and elected as the judge for ‘global teacher award’ which was deemed the nobel prize for teachers around the world with a prize money of USD 1 million.




(杰斐礼)林道宏先生(生于1981年2月5日,登嘉楼)是来自马来西亚的企业家,投资家,大学与学院讲师,市议员和慈善家。他是NOW现代集团的首席执行长和创始人,现代集团的生意涵盖地产, 科技以及风险投资。林道宏先生曾经在2009年1次获得JCI颁授马来西亚10大创意青年企业家奖及分别3次TOYM的两次获得JCI颁授30强马来西亚十大杰青以及在2016年成为马来西亚十大杰出青年。他也于2015年由’世界经济论坛’代表马来西亚于日内瓦获颁授‘全球青年领袖’荣誉!



当 他从澳大利亚返马,他开创Intellectual Avenue Sdn Bhd,该公司的业务着重於网络流动内容和应用软件。Intellectual Avenue Sdn Bhd是北马最先被授予多媒体超级走廊地位(的先驱企业之一。

2008年8月,他在Intellectual Avenue达到年营业额8千万后出售Intellectual Avenue 有限公司多数股权,而后成立Emanate科技私人有限公司, 一家专注于提供保健和医疗解决方案的公司。在一年的科研与开发后,道宏把‘保健和医疗解决方案 ’创新发展成 ‘企业医疗与服务解决方案’。而这时道宏成立了恩玛纳特科技有限公司作为企业医疗与服务解决方案’的负责公司。身为恩玛纳特科技有限公司执行长,他负责市场 营销发展以及全面负责公司的战略方向。他也负责研发新产品和服务。恩玛纳特在2009年1月被微软颁授BizSpark计划。在最初成立不到两个月,恩玛纳特已创造150万业绩,恩玛纳特是全马最大的‘企业医疗与服务解决方案’供应商。2010年Emanate科技私人有限公司的保健和医疗解决方案被马来西亚上市公司Mobif收购。 而后在失去主要业务情况下,林道宏先生把个别房产以及投资统合成NOW (,把全部公司和服务放入一个臂膀!

政治– 市议员

大约在2010年十二月,林道宏先生被槟城中华总商会推荐,槟州政府委任为槟城州威省市市议员. 林道宏先生以帮助槟城,马来西亚进行创新式的资源回收位其成为威省市议员的承诺。林道宏先生也同时探讨发展能源分析与管理系统,以及炭回收与计算系统为槟州与马来西亚的环境保护尽一份力。





2011年林道宏先生获推荐代表马拉西亚入选为‘国际知名人士协会’,并从2012年至2018年被协会遴选为 ‘国际知名专业人士’。这个殊荣是经过非常严厉的国际遴选机制,经过鉴定推荐者的个人背景,专业能力,社会地位与贡献,在面试后遴选出来。